Invited Speakers

Jon Hird is a teacher, trainer and author based in Oxford, UK, where he divides his time between teaching English at the University of Oxford and writing ELT materials. He also gives teacher-training talks and workshops both in the UK and overseas. Jon has a range of experience and interests, but with a particular interest in Grammar, English for Academic Purposes and in dyslexia and learning English. In his free time, he plays the drums. For more information see

Heather Hansen works globally as a pronunciation and presentation skills trainer for some of the world’s largest multinational companies. She is founder of the corporate training firm Global Speech Academy, creator of the online Pronunciation Mastery Program and author/co-author of 4 books.


Mark Hancock started teaching English in 1984. He’s worked in Spain, Turkey, Brazil and the UK. He has published many pronunciation books, including Pronunciation Games (CUP 1995), English Pronunciation in Use Intermediate (CUP 2012) and PronPack 1-4 (Hancock McDonald ELT 2017). He is owner of the website

Robin Walker has worked in English Language Teaching since 1981. For over 20 years he taught at the Escuela Universitaria de Turismo de Asturias before leaving to found EnglishGlobalCommunication. He now works as a freelance teacher educator, ELT author, and ELT consultant, and regularly collaborates with teacher’s centres around Spain, Trinity College London, Oxford University Press, and MacMillan Education. His main interests are pronunciation, English as a Lingua Franca (ELF), and teacher education. He is the author of numerous articles on teaching English, and of the OUP teacher’s handbook Teaching the Pronunciation of English as a Lingua Franca (2010).

Magnus Gustafsson has worked in the field of communication for specific or academic purposes at Chalmers University of Technology since 1997. He directs the Division for Language and Communication and focuses his work on ‘Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education’ (ICLHE) to promote learning, language for specific purposes, and technical communication. His work in facilitating writing is process and genre oriented and focuses largely on discipline-specific communication both in terms of learning-to-write but also, and equally importantly, in terms of writing-to-learn. 


Ashley Squires holds a PhD in English from the University of Texas at Austin and serves as Assistant Professor of Humanities and Director of the Writing and Communication Center at the New Economic School.

Jeffrey Kuhn is an instructor and instructional designer in the Patton College of Education at Ohio University where he received his PhD in Educational Studies. His PhD work focused on instructional design and the use of classroom technology across educational contexts. He has over ten years experience in the English as a Second/Foreign Language classroom including teaching in Japan and Mongolia. He is a frequent keynote speaker on the use of technology in the foreign language classroom and has worked with educators on instructional design challenges in Brazil, Czech Republic, Peru, and Bolivia. He also publishes and presents on the use of video games for learning, computer assisted language learning (CALL) and second language writing.


Chaz Pugliese is an author, trainer and presenter working out of Paris. He’s published ‘Being Creative’ (Delta, 2010) and more recently ‘The Principled Communicative Approach’ (Helbling, 2015) and Creating Motivation (2017, Helbling).

In 2013 Chaz founded, with Alan Maley the Creativity Group.

A keen musician, Chaz likes any music that’s honest, genuine and raw.


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