Panel Discussion

R. Walker – English as a Medium of Instructon. Yes! But whose English?

B. Knight – Making Sense of Life Skills

B. Knight – Our Past or their Future? What are We Preparing our Students for?

C. Thaine – EAP and Language: What do Learners Want?

C. Thaine – Getting the Most of Cambridge Academic English

C. Thaine – New Zealand EAP Teachers Talk about their Professional Lives

K. Hyland – Is Academic Writing Becoming more Informal?

K. Hyland – Working with Writing – Understanding Texts, Writers and Readers

J. Hird – Assessing speaking

J. Hird – Planning and Extended Speaking

J. M. Schiefelbein – The Entrepreneurial Start-up Experience

A. Oveshkova – What Potential Users Exprect from Writing Centers: All-Russia Needs Analysis

A. A. Puchkovskaya – Designing an EMI Course Syllabus for non-TESOL Instructors

L. Guyett – Learner Attitudes towards NNEST and Pronunciation Teaching

L. Guyett – Designing Personalised Pronunciation Worksheets in a Specific Context

R. F. F. Fernandez – A Non-Native Speaker on the ESP Teacher Language Awareness – a Memoir and the Present

A. Plotnikova – Intentional and Incidental Learning of English Grammar through Captioned Video Exposure

S. Rubtsova, T. Dobrova – Integrating Transferable Skills in the Creative ESP

G. Archer – Do Pronunciation Models Matter? Reflections on a Classroom Based Study

S. Bogolepova – EAP Assessment: Challenges and Trends

I. G. Yunatova – Knowledge Economy and Skills – Killing Two Bitds with One Stone

L. L. Zelenskaya – Developing Autonomy through Feature Movies in Teaching ESP

M. Kladova – How to Create Engaging Digital Content

L. Smirnova – Teachers Doing Classroom-Based Research – Practical Possibilities

H. Hansen – Do Global Leaders Need Native Accents?

L. A. Squires – Writing Center Professionalization

E. G. Belyaeva – EMI MOOCS’ Comparative Analysis

V. Zabotkina – EMI as an Instrument of Enhancing Russian Higher Education Export Potential

T. Skopintseva – English Language Teaching in an EMI Context at NES: Solving an EMI Puzzle